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wooden floating stairs

  • scara flotanta

    scara flotanta

  • scara flotanta

    scara flotanta

  • scari interioare

    scari interioare

  • scara interior

    scara interior

  • scara de lemn

    scara de lemn

  • trepte de lemn

    trepte de lemn

  • trepte casetate

    trepte casetate

  • trepte din lemn

    trepte din lemn

  • trepte de fag

    trepte de fag

  • trepte casetate

    trepte casetate

  • montaj scara

    montaj scara

When designing solid wood interior stairs, we take into account the functionality, aesthetics, quality of materials and of course the available space.

Please feel free to browse CitySolutions.Ro where you can find models that can be integrated or adapted to the interior design plan you have.

Whether we are talking about classic or modern models, wooden stairs can be straight or L-shaped, designed for a single level, two or more.

With a generous portfolio of models and types of stairs executed over time, we can design the desired staircase project that integrates harmoniously with the architecture of the house and the interior design.

A well thought wooden staircase will add a note of refinement, warmth and naturalness to the interior of your home.

How is working?

  • Handmade - Solid wood stairs are handmade, designed and executed to suit the individual needs of our customers.
  • Expert advice - We offer our customers expert advice on all matters relating to the design, execution and assembly of the staircases.
  • Come on site - In order to make the most effective decisions and meet the needs and expectations, we come on site and discuss with the customer and the work team (architects, builder, site engineer, designer, etc.) the best solution.
  • Project - take custom measurements, design the staircase, implement and execute the project.


Types of wood used to manufacture stairs: oak, beech.

Wood has a natural tendency to look more beautiful as time passes by, especially with proper care. 

Wooden stairs are durable, can be easily cleaned and maintained and can also be coated or varnished for added protection from the usual wear and tear of everyday use.

Whatever model or style you choose, wooden stairs are elegant and add a touch of comfort to your interior.

Colour match for floor and stair

A perfect design of the room does not end at the stairs, which is why in the execution of the stairs we take into account the colour palette chosen for the walls, floors and the surface finish of the parquet.


Models, styles and types of solid wood stairs

Access the staircase portfolio and choose the model you need: wooden stairs, floating stairs, floating stairs with wooden steps, interior stairs.

Are you looking for a specific model and you didn't find it on the site? Just contact us either by phone or fill the form from contact page and together we find the solution for you.

  • scara interioara cu trepte flotante

    scara interioara cu trepte flotante

  • scara flotanta

    scara flotanta

  • scari autoportante

    scari autoportante

  • trepte plutitoare

    trepte plutitoare

  • scari interioare flotante

    scari interioare flotante

  • balustrada din cabluri inox

    balustrada din cabluri inox

  • trepte flotante din stejar

    trepte flotante din stejar

  • scara flotanta cu trepte din lemn

    scara flotanta cu trepte din lemn

  • montaj trepte flotante

    montaj trepte flotante

  • scari din lemn cu trepte flotante

    scari din lemn cu trepte flotante

  • trepte de fag

    trepte de fag

  • trepte flotante din fag

    trepte flotante din fag

  • scara flotanta din lemn

    scara flotanta din lemn

  • trepte flotante

    trepte flotante

  • scara flotanta

    scara flotanta

  • scari interioare

    scari interioare

  • scari suspendate

    scari suspendate

  • trepte suspendate

    trepte suspendate

  • scara plutitoare

    scara plutitoare

  • scari plutitoare

    scari plutitoare

  • scari flotante

    scari flotante

    • wooden stairs

      Interior wooden stairs, made of solid oak or beech wood. Solid wood interior stairs made to order according to the requested size and model.

    • glass stairs

      The structure of the stairs can be made from both stainless steel and painted steel. At the basis of the glass stairs process is the lamination method.

    • trepte flotante model siftssmol-d1

      floating stairs

      We design and execute interior floating stairs, metallic framework stairs with floating treads of wood, glass or metal. Bring your personal style to your stair design

    • exterior stairs

      Exterior stairs are the connecting elements of your home or building with the rest of the landscape design. Exterior stairs need to be hard wearing and resistant to the weather conditions and time.

    • single stringer stair

      Single stringer stairs are suitable for relatively large spaces, they are characterized by great resistance structure placed on the axis of the stairs, under steps.

    • spiral stairs

      Spiral staircases are spectacular elements of your home. It has also the advantage to be installed in narrow spaces whilst keeping the dynamic of your interior decor.

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