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suspended stairs

Suspended stairs constructions can be used for commercial or residential projects. Very often stairs with floating or suspended treads have hidden attachments and wood tread structure to make them look like they are floating.

They are fixed at a straight wall with no visible fixing element. Treads have rectangular or an angular shape and are available in oak, walnut or beech wood.

If you want a suspended stair in your home, why not making a work of art. This interesting piece of architecture will be your exclusive statement in space.

    • trepte flotante model siftssmol-d1

      floating stairs

      We design and execute interior floating stairs, metallic framework stairs with floating treads of wood, glass or metal. Bring your personal style to your stair design

    • wooden stairs

      Interior wooden stairs, made of solid oak or beech wood. Solid wood interior stairs made to order according to the requested size and model.

    • glass stairs

      The structure of the stairs can be made from both stainless steel and painted steel. At the basis of the glass stairs process is the lamination method.

    • exterior stairs

      Exterior stairs are the connecting elements of your home or building with the rest of the landscape design. Exterior stairs need to be hard wearing and resistant to the weather conditions and time.

    • spiral stairs

      Spiral staircases are spectacular elements of your home. It has also the advantage to be installed in narrow spaces whilst keeping the dynamic of your interior decor.

    • single stringer stair

      Single stringer stairs are suitable for relatively large spaces, they are characterized by great resistance structure placed on the axis of the stairs, under steps.

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