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floating stairs

With its simplicity, a floating stair fits perfectly into your home. These stairs will give you the opportunity to bring your personal style and design into your space. Each tread is individually attached to the wall and the metallic support structure is not visible. Floating stairs create a bright and warm atmosphere.

When you or your guests enter the house, will stand in front of a stunning staircase with levitating treads.

Floating staircase are very elegant, stylish, minimalist and define the interior within which they are placed. In addition, a floating staircase maintains an airy and open look whilst complementing the interior decor beautifully.

  • floating stair model siftfsmol-d4

    floating stair model siftfsmol-d4

  • scari flotante model siftfsmol-e

    scari flotante model siftfsmol-e

  • scara flotanta model siftfwsmol-d

    scara flotanta model siftfwsmol-d

  • scara floitante model siftfwsmunp-l

    scara floitante model siftfwsmunp-l

  • scari flotante model siftlmsmunp-d

    scari flotante model siftlmsmunp-d

  • scari flotante model siftmsmol-d

    scari flotante model siftmsmol-d

  • trepte flotante model siftssmol-d1

    trepte flotante model siftssmol-d1

  • scara flotanta model siftssmol-d2

    scara flotanta model siftssmol-d2

  • scari flotante model siftssmol-d3

    scari flotante model siftssmol-d3

  • scari flotante model siftssmunp-d3

    scari flotante model siftssmunp-d3

  • scara flotanta model siftwsmol-lp1

    scara flotanta model siftwsmol-lp1

    • wooden stairs

      Interior wooden stairs, made of solid oak or beech wood. Solid wood interior stairs made to order according to the requested size and model.

    • glass stairs

      The structure of the stairs can be made from both stainless steel and painted steel. At the basis of the glass stairs process is the lamination method.

    • trepte flotante model siftssmol-d1

      floating stairs

      We design and execute interior floating stairs, metallic framework stairs with floating treads of wood, glass or metal. Bring your personal style to your stair design

    • single stringer stair

      Single stringer stairs are suitable for relatively large spaces, they are characterized by great resistance structure placed on the axis of the stairs, under steps.

    • side stringer stair

      Side stringer stairs are not just functional, they are also a centerpiese and stylistic part of a home or a building. The resistance structure is placed on the sides of the treads.

    • exterior stairs

      Exterior stairs are the connecting elements of your home or building with the rest of the landscape design. Exterior stairs need to be hard wearing and resistant to the weather conditions and time.

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