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about us

With 10+ experience in designing staircases and handrails we bring beautifully custom built staircases and rail systems into your home.

We are working with you to create personalized design for stairs, handrails and pedestals of your choosing thus complimenting your home interior and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Among factors influencing the exceptional quality of our products are high precision of measurements we take on site, high quality materials and excellent accuracy of the projects we design for you.

We design stairs with metal or glass structure with wooden, glass or metal treads (steps). All products are processed with laser cutting technology and robotic welding.

By working closely with constructions specialists: architects, structural engineers, interior designers, we take pride in using our extensive experience and consulting services in designing and delivering interior staircases of exceptional quality to our premium customers.

If there is no project but just an idea, we can develop it so that we can offer you a modern stair tailored to your needs and desires.


We provide consultancy, stair design, transport, assembly and installation to our clients, throughout Europe. Details for international execution and shipping are discussed and agreed upon, case by case.

Please feel free to browse our site to find what you are looking for, if not, we will design the stair you want and be sure, this will be the centerpiece of your home CitySolutions.Ro.


    • modern wood staircase with handrail

      wooden stairs

      Interior wooden stairs, made of solid oak or beech wood. Solid wood interior stairs made to order according to the requested size and model.

    • interior glass steps - sifvtssmos-up

      glass stairs

      The structure of the stairs can be made from both stainless steel and painted steel. At the basis of the glass stairs process is the lamination method.

    • floating steps model siftssmol-d1

      floating stairs

      We design and execute interior floating stairs, metallic framework stairs with floating treads of wood, glass or metal.

    • single stringer stair with wooden steps

      single stringer stair

      Single stringer stairs are suitable for relatively large spaces, they are characterized by great resistance structure placed on the axis of the stairs, under steps.

    • interio spiral stair - sitmsmos-s

      spiral stairs

      Spiral staircases are spectacular elements of your home. It has also the advantage to be installed in narrow spaces whilst keeping the dynamic of your interior decor.

    • exterior metal stair - setmsmos-us

      exterior stairs

      Exterior stairs are the connecting elements of your home or building with the surrounding design. Need to be hard wearing and resistant to weather conditions.

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