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Glass stairs

  • Glass stair
    Glass stair
  • Exterior stairs
    Exterior stairs

The structure of the stairs can be made from both stainless steel and painted steel. At the basis of the glass stairs process is the lamination method. For example, the glass staircase thickness reaches 20 mm to 30 mm in size and supports a weight of up to 600 kg per sqm.

Choosing this option does not mean giving up the resistance that a classic wood or cement floor or wooden floor would provide, since glass staircases and glass floors are used in laminated glass.

Glass stairs let the light flood through into your space whilst adding a sense of exclusivity and elegance to your home.


The products presented on our website are just a fraction of what we can do!
We also provide consultancy, stair design, transport, assembly and installation to our clients, throughout Europe. Details for international execution and shipping are discussed and agreed upon, case by case.

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  • Central stringer glass staircase

    Glass stair Model SIVCTSSMOS


    Interior staircase with central painted steel stringer, tempered glass treads.



  • Exterior stairs glass steps

    Exterior stair SETSSMOL-D


    External stairs with painted steel side stringers, toughed (safety) and laminated glass steps.


    Model SETSSMOL-D

  • Interior glass stair

    Glass stair SITSSMOS-UE


    Interior staircases of safety and laminated glass. Glass stairs without metal stringers.



  • Interior glass stair

    Glass stair SITSSMOS -L3


    Modern stairs without side or single stringers, tempered glass stairs.


    Model SITSSMOS -L3

  • Interior spiral glass stair

    Glass stair SITSSMINOX-S


    Interior staircases with safety and laminated glass steps. Stainless steel spiral stairs



  • Interior stair

    Glass stair SIFVTSSMOS-UP


    Interior stairs with safety glass treads without stringers. Floating treads.



  • Single stringer stair

    Glass stair SIVCTSSMINOX-L


    Stainless steel staircase with tempered glass treads. Single stringer stair.



  • Spiral staircase

    Glass stair SITSSMINOX-S1


    Stainless steel stairs with tempered and laminated glass steps. Interior spiral staircase.



  • Stainless steel side stringer stair

    Glass stair


    Stainless steel interior stairs, side stringers with tempered glass treads.


  • Stainless steel spiral staircase

    Glass stair SITSSMINOX-SE


    Stainless steel spiral staircases with tempered glass steps. Interior stairs. 



  • Stairs with glass treads

    Glass stair SITSSMOS-LE


    Interior stairs with wall-mounted glass treads and glass railing



  • Steel side stringer stair

    Glass stair SITSSMINOX-L2


    Satin stainless steel interior stairs with side stringers. Safety and tempered glass treads.



  • Steel spiral stair

    Spiral stairs SITSSMOS-S


    Electrostatic painted steel spiral stair with safety and laminated glass treads.


    Model SITSSMOS-S

  • Tempered glass stair

    Glass stair SITSSMOD-D


    Modern tempered-glass stairs without steel stringers. Point grip with stainless steel parts. Fixing system available by point with stainless steel parts.


    Model SITSSMOD-D

  • Floating stair

    Floating stair Model SIFTSINOX-D


    Self-supporting stair with glass floating steps, stainless steel supporting structure.



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