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Exterior stairs

  • Exterior stairs
    Exterior stairs
  • Exterior stairs
    Exterior stairs
  • Exterior stairs
    Exterior stairs

Looking for an exterior stair on your terrace or when exit the building? We’re here for you, let’s talk and see how we can help you!

The aim of any company is to standout on the market, and this is not possible without quality services.

Among the factors that contribute to the exceptional quality of our works are the accuracy of the measurements we take on site, the high quality materials and our expertise.

All this is reflected in the projects we make for you.

We have designed, executed and installed a wide range of exterior stairs from stainless steel and metal with treads in various styles.
Using metallic framework is ideal for terraces, water pools, industrial or commercial areas has lots of benefits:

  • easy maintenance
  • treads are treated against corrosion so they last for a long time.

Over time, their resistance to stress is much higher and the treads made of perforated metal or anti-skidding are very safe, even in winter or in water.
The products presented on our website are just a fraction of what we can do!

We also provide consultancy, stair design, transport, assembly and installation to our clients, throughout Europe. Details for international execution and shipping are discussed and agreed upon, case by case.

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  • Exterior side stringer stair

    Exterior stair SETMSMOS-US


    Metallic exterior stairs with side stringers, galvanized steel steps, galvanized steel metal structure.



  • Exterior single stringer stair

    Exterior stair SETSSMTP-D


    Exterior stairs with steel single stringer electrostatic painted and treated wood steps.


    Model SETSSMTP-D

  • Exterior stairs glass steps

    Exterior stair SETSSMOL-D


    External stairs with painted steel side stringers, toughed (safety) and laminated glass steps.


    Model SETSSMOL-D

  • Galvanized grating stair

    Exterior stair SEVLTOZSMOZ-LP


    Exterior galvanized steel stairs with side stringers, galvanized grating stair treads.



  • Galvanized steel stair

    Exterior stair SEVLTOZSMOZ-LP1


    Exterior galvanized steel stairs with side stringers, galvanized steel treads (steps).



  • Steel stair side stringers

    Exterior stair SEVLTOLSMOL-LP


    External stairs with galvanized steel side stringers, galvanized steps. Metallic exterior stairs with galvanized steps.



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